GENErAL is a clothing brand and creative studio
founded by Santiago & Martín,
two young men passionate about fashion and art.
A basement in France in 2016 was
the place chosen to, empirically,
intervene, with painting, their own clothes,
turning out to be their Creative Big Bang.
During the next two years, Santiago and Martín
experienced and tried different
textiles and materials to launch
their first clothing collection in August 2018.
Months later, seeking to redefine the relationship
between art and fashion, they explored
a concept called WEARABLE ART,
which consists of painting, by hand,
large-scale works of art on textiles and fabric,
to later turn that large canvas
into unique and exclusive garments.
Each piece is a small part of the puzzle!
Since then, it has been an amazing journey,
full of creativity and magic.
Different collections, works of art,
runways around the world,
live performances, appearances in well-known
magazines and meeting amazing people,
among other experiences.
But, the best, all those that are still missing
and are yet to come.
With this, GENErAL seeks to become
a clothing brand that inspires new generations
of creative and restless
minds through Art & Fashion.
Leaving a legacy is the goal.
We hope you enjoy the process as much as we do
<3 🥦